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What is the purpose of this program?

My Financial Management Plan is designed to assist you in creating a financial management plan for your nonprofit.

How much does this program cost?

The cost of a three-year license for a single organization is $239. Members of certain state associations of nonprofits are eligible for a discount. At the end of your initial three-year period, you will have the option of renewing your license for an additional three years for $99.

I would like to purchase a license, but would prefer to pay by check. Is that possible?

Yes. To pay by check, simply send your payment and a letter indicating that you wish to purchase a license to My Financial Management Plan to:

Nonprofit Risk Management Center 15 N. King Street, Suite 203 Leesburg, VA 20176

On the day we receive your payment, we will register you as a paid user of the program. We will notify you by telephone and email that your account is ready for use. If you require an invoice, call Sue Weir Jones at (202) 785-3891 with your details.

I work with many nonprofits as a broker (or consultant or advisor). Can I purchase a single license and share the program with all of my clients?

No. Each license is for one organization. If you are interested in purchasing a block of licenses for your clients, for your insureds or for your nonprofit's chapters or affiliates, call (202) 785-3891 to discuss the availability of a discount. Discounts begin at 10+ licenses.

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